Meet Iman from Iran

Iman Farhanieh from Tehran has a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering from Tehran Azad University, and also a Master degree in Serious Games from University of Skövde. Now he is a master's student in User Experience Design and IT Architecture at Jönköping University.

- Before studying User Experience Design and IT Architecture, I was searching for a job in the IT/Informatics area and realized that there is large number of job positions regarding UX design which I had never heard of. After doing some research, I found the concept of User Experience very interesting. It was then when I also found out that there is a master programme in Jönköping, so I applied to the programme and now hear I am.

My dream job is working as front designer or a UX designer in the gaming industry. And later on, I would like to start my own company which works on the UX part of every project, from video games to industrial projects.

I currently live in Skövde, but I remember the first semester I was studying in Sweden, the university took us on a tour to Jönköping. I remember arriving to the town and seeing how amazing the city look next to the lake. The other thing I enjoyed about the town was the center of the city and everything represented both the old and new Sweden.

My first impression of the university campus was great, especially when I saw the signs where it said coffee was only 5 SEK. Another thing was how big the campus was and yet at the same time, how each building and everything else connected to each other. And having many option where you can buy lunch and sit down with your friends is quite impressive.

My recommendations for a good experience is to meet students from different places and cultures. You never know who your next best friend is going to be. Also, it is very important to balance your study life with you social life so it won't lead to some frustrations in the future, especially during the exams. And finally, try to get out of your comfort zone as much as you can, many great experiences I had during these past few were mostly out of my comfort zone. So try new things, join an acting or dancing class or go to a language cafe, you would be surprised what kind of experiences you will get during your time as a student.

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